Getting started with Reagent

February 21, 2016 at 6:05 pm | Posted in Clojure, emacs | Leave a comment

This post captures my very first steps when I started using Reagent.  I suspect this will be mainly for me to reference when I forget in future.  The steps are quite simple but I wasted some time putting several sources of information together to get something going;  between lein instantiating specific setup that the examples did not use, and the examples not being explicit about their setup, I found plenty of scope to break things.

Here is what I went with:

  • lein lein new reagent <name> +cider from here to create the project.clj and filestructure
  • lein figwheel (within the project created above)
  • then the example will be available at http://localhost:3449 once Figwheel starts up
  • A good place to start is here: which as some simple examples (good for proving your initial setup)

Areas for future study:

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